Jan Errs Again-Case #38

Just when you think you’re ready for the holiday season, a cold comes along and stops you from having any more fun. I’m not sure where I picked up the germs, but I did. This is most annoying because I have no one I can point at with my finger-wrapped-in-tissue.

Combine that irritation with having MS and you at once become an unhappy camper (as if camping would even have been a happy possibility nowadays).

I started taking Tylenol but moved on to Coricidin for a day. Its drying-the-runny-nose ingredient must have dried out my whole body. I thought I had taken in enough fluids but my legs turned to jelly and I couldn’t stand up for beans. This is very problematic because, even though I am in a wheelchair, I still have some strength in my legs. Take away that “some” and you’ve got a crazy person on your hands.

I stopped taking the medicine and hour-by-hour I felt my strength return. It never occurred to me to check with my doctor before taking the OTC med, but having MS can be tricky, and I should have had more sense. To call the doc now that I’m feeling better would invite sharp words to fall from his lips down onto my head.

So, to make up for being a dumb-ass, I will share knowledge painfully gained and help others avoid a mistake. I strongly recommend you check with a medical professional before trying to cure yourself of even a simple cold. I’ve learned that the MS demon is just waiting for another chance to further complicate your life.

And because I always plow forward without heed to consequences, my return date with that particular demon will probably be Case #39.




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  1. bernardengraving
    Dec 14, 2017 @ 14:47:26

    Hot Toddy


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