Carrying On

It’s been awhile since my posting about my following a naturopathic route. Here’s what I found out:

MS is a stubborn enemy. It keeps following me around, and so far no matter what I do, I can’t shake it. But my naturopathic supplements and following a low-sugar diet has mostly kept me stable. Unless I do crazy things like staying outdoors in the summer heat for hours and thereby turning my legs to jelly – which I did this past weekend. Coming inside and to my senses,  I quickly drank a glass of cold green tea, turned my soul to the air conditioner, and was revived.

When I visit my alternative medicine doctor every three months or so, I report that so far my MS is no worse. He’s pleased when I say that, but then I have to add that I’m not healed yet. He gives me one of those doctor looks as if to say “Well, you’re being unrealistic” but I say it anyway. It’s been about nine months on the plan and I expect  results!

What’s so wrong with being optimistic? I’m going for the gold here. Did you ever hear of an Olympian say “It would be nice to earn the gold medal but I’ll just work to get the silver or bronze.” I didn’t think so. So my intent is to be cured.

To that end, besides taking the supplements , my mostly strict adherence to eating less sugar has been a good plan for me. I’ve lost a bit of weight which is a good thing. My weak left arm is still weak but no weaker. My legs are still strong enough to stand and they’re no weaker than before- unless I overheat.

So, all in all, I’ll stick to the diet and supplements until a cheap, fool-proof, 100% guaranteed for life, snake-oil salesman-approved, chocolate chip flavored remedy is available. Then I’ll try that.

Can’t you just see the horrified expression on any medical practitioner’s face?



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