Supplemental Update

After three months of following a naturopathic-approved plan for better health and weight loss, I would like to report amazing, fantastic, unbelievable results. I would like to report that, but it would be a total exaggeration. Well, not totally; I did lose a few pounds.

What is rating zero on the Achievement Scale is –  I still have  MS. Call me crazy, but all the self-help books agree that I should not settle for less than my ultimate goal which in my case is the total eradication of this disease from my life. Using this statement as a benchmark, I can report that my plan so far isn’t working.

Now, to be fair, the ailment may have taken a bit to gain control of my life so three months may seem too soon for judgment. After all, it takes months for a woman to gestate a baby, eighteen months or so to over-saturate us with a presidential election, and four years to fight a Civil War. But as I am personally a snap-judger, I was a bit disheartened at not having a positive result in this area.

However, at least I am not any worse off and that could be saying quite a lot since MS is something that historically does not improve with age. I think I am a bit stronger and am crediting the weight loss and maybe the supplements for that. These and better eating habits.  It may also be a placebo effect and if it is, so be it. Could thinking you will get better actually make it so? There are too many stories verifying miraculous cures to discount the thing out of hand.

Reviewing my self-created plan of reversing my health, I have gone the pharmaceutical route (recommended for the relapsing-remitting stage), and the alternative route on whose path I am currently on (I’m in the secondary phase of MS-there is currently no FDA-approved treatment for this stage). Alternative therapy is a wide open field with many things to choose from. Unfortunately, very few clinical trials are in place for, say, acupuncture, horseback riding therapy, snake  venom, or supplements. Personally, I skipped those first three ideas, and settled on the supplements. My clinical trial-of-one is still ongoing.

Still, the idea of remaining in place, so to speak, does not appeal to me. I need a major life plan to keep propelling me forward to good health. I’ll give these pricey supplements a few more months to manifest the results I’m looking for. After that, I may give snake venom a try. It would be sssssuch a sssshockingly ssssscary ssssstory to tell.

(P.S. Don’t worry. I’d have to lose my mind completely to try that one.)


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