Travelin’ Jan

Trying to reconcile traveling and dealing with MS has proven to be a challenge. It definitely isn’t easy even to just think about making any plans. In fact, the summer season is here and the best I can do is order two travel videos, one about France and the other about Germany. (no airport lines, no traveler’s diarrhea, no angry refugees)

The longer I have had MS (sixteen years now) the better I have become at talking myself out of doing anything fun. Even summer music programs at the beach are missed (last week in my town featured the U.S. Coast Guard Band) because of anticipated logistical problems: would handicap parking be available, could I move through sand/grass in a wheelchair? It’s easier to just stay home.

I admire, but don’t emulate,  people with disabilities who are always on the go. Obviously they have inner resolve. Unfortunately for me, mine was left on the conveyor belt when my body/mind parts were being assembled. Kudos to those courageous people.

I don’t like going into the stores to shop anymore. (parking, aisle width, shelves too high)But I have become quite good at online shopping. Now you may think that is psychotic. Why bother having nice clothes and jewelry if you’re not out visiting with the peeps? Don’t know. My rationality chip was left on that same conveyor.

Can an old dog be taught to learn new tricks? I hope so because if I get anymore housebound my traveling will be limited to visiting/hiding in my hall coat closet. That may not be such a bad thing, though: I can order a new winter jacket while I’m in there. (always hoping I will actually go outside when the time comes)


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Shary
    Jul 22, 2016 @ 14:30:40

    Poignant but funny, as usual, Jan.


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