Managing Director

Yoga is great for relieving stress…so they say. With the crazy-inducing holiday season upon us, it would be interesting to find out if this statement is true. So far, every time I try to put myself in an altered state of being by breathing long and deep, I only succeed in giving my brain more time to think of stressful things, thus multiplying my anxiety levels.

I think it is worse now that my contribution to events has dwindled. I’m forced to find more creative ways to organize holiday stuff without actually doing any of the work. It means relying on others to get things done.

It’s aggravating to find out that time-honored traditions are now being done by others and, annoyingly enough, done better! MS, while slowing me down, has actually given me time to pause and reflect that over the years I had hardly given anyone else a chance to shine.

My new position as Managing Director does come with warning bells, though. I must not ever descend to the level of becoming an autocrat. There’s a way and a way of ordering folks around without seeming to be ordering them around.

Here’s where yoga can be a necessary tool for me: i.e. at the first sign of things going off-track with my prepared holiday directions, I will stay yoga-still and think before speaking.

Right there would be a holiday gift to my family!


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