Fat Tuesday

I’ve not had much to blog about lately. Here in the northeast section of the good old U. S. of A., we’ve been hunkering down and using all our energies to deal with Mother Nature. She’s been reminding us how little we can control her movements. It seems we’re in a cycle of weekly snow events. Poor Boston has had over seven feet of snow accumulating in its city. They’ve had to start dumping the snow into their harbor. This practice had been previously off limits because the snow collected by the plows contains salt and diesel fuel which is bad for the water. So you know things aren’t good when they allow it.

All this snow-talk means that for the last several weeks I have been homebound. When you only have walls and cats to talk to during the day, it does not make for interesting blog chat with the wider world.

But today all that ends. It’s Mardis Gras (Fat Tuesday) season and that means Easter is around the corner and spring along with it. We can all start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our New England seasons are like that. Just when you get tired of one, another is bang upon your doorstep. The winter-to-spring one is especially welcomed because how much hibernation and Jack Daniels can a body take?

Today, so tradition goes, we can wildly celebrate with food and revelry (think New Orleans). A food market in our town makes specialty Polish donuts. For the last two weeks these delicacies have been for sale but the store will stop making them after today. The oversized goodies are about half-again as big as regular donuts and are overstuffed with cherry, cream, apple, lemon or prune fillings.

So in honor of the season, yours truly has thrown caution to the winds and been inhaling the things while they are still available. I’m waiting for the backlash for this to hit. I’d been so good lately trying to change my diet to a more healthy one. Sadly, in this season of personal reflection, I’m reflecting that I have no willpower when it comes between me and a treat.

In conclusion, I must double-down and watch out that Fat Tuesday does not morph into Fat Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  I know I will probably have success, though, staying away from the prune “paczkis” today. It’s not worth the quick backlash I’d be sure to get from one of those!

Starting tomorrow, my religion tells me to set my sights on higher things in preparation for Easter. This is good because all I can see right now above me is another snow-filled cloud.



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