Resisting the Pitch

I’m just about finished with my latest round of physical therapy. All in all, it was successful in that this time she provided me with reasonable exercises to do that may actually have a chance of being incorporated into a daily routine.

I’m glad because this time of year the fitness industry goes all out to make the general television-viewing public feel like poop. And when your mobility is restricted, it’s even worse. They make it seem so simple: All you need to do is walk, walk, walk to a better shape. Buy this or that machine and before you know it, you will have a sleek, toned body complete with nice hair and a killer smile. They lock into our perennial hope that come spring we will have the bodies of our dreams.

My newfound simple exercises will never get me to look like those actors onscreen. I won’t be able to walk, walk, walk my way to looking like that. But that’s okay. I realize now that I can feel good about me in a different way. I’ve become proactive with those marketing ads.  I switch channels when any ad comes on telling me that my body is not good enough and I must make it better.

I’m confident I will stick with these doable exercises. My priorities have shifted from the narcissistic to the practical. The motivation now is to keep my muscle tone as good as I can get it;  it’s not about looking good or fitting into a killer bathing suit. I know this will be a forever thing and not just seasonal. The “use it or lose it” axiom applies here.

So. Armed with my push-back attitude against the television fitness industry, I now just need the will power to also switch off those ads for yummy chocolate-dipped goodies because you-know-what holiday is coming on the14th of this month.  I don’t think my therapist would appreciate me using my arm exercises to better reach into that Valentine candy box.


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