If I can’t get to the mountain…

I was toodling around doing a crossword puzzle this morning when it asked for the word for a Greek marketplace. It turned out to be “agora.” Now this ties in nicely with something that has been bothering me for a while. I think I could become “agoraphobic” – i.e. the fear of public gatherings.

Since leaving the workforce due to MS, I have been increasingly house-bound. At first, I was still able to drive and get around. Then, as my mobility was becoming more difficult, I usually only went out when accompanied by someone else. Now, it is less fearful for me if I just stay home.

In consequence, I have become perfectly happy to stay here and on-line shop, pay my bills, and generally read internet gossip. Besides learning how to set up a blog page, (thank you, dear readers, for following it) I have become quite the expert at not leaving the house but still doing some interesting stuff (well, maybe not bill paying). I’ve found I enjoy my own company and rarely have arguments with myself.

I think being “agoraphobic” hasn’t happened to me yet, but the warning signs are there: too much alone time and not enough people time. That is why I do look at my changed lifestyle with a critical eye and hope I do not become a recluse. While hanging around in my ‘jamies with no make-up and unkempt hair might appeal to some, that’s not for me. Even if it is just me looking back at me I don’t want my reflection to look scary.

Modern technology has made it bearable to be a “stay-at-home.” Besides doing the above-mentioned internet things, I can take on-line college courses, download books from the library into my e-reader, or buy them straight out, read countless e-magazines and newspapers, take a tour anywhere on Google Earth, and generally fill up my days doing randomly cool stuff.

Unfortunately, human interaction doesn’t factor into this equation, and it is at this point that warning bells clang. So, what to do? I guess schedule “play-dates” with friends and family, and maybe make more calls to catch-up with folks. Easy things to stay connected, and I promise to do them.

But first, I’ve got to get past Level 73 in Candy Crush Saga. Plus, there’s a new bestseller I want to order for my Nook e-reader, and then there’s that free, on-line Yale course I want to look into.

You could say I’ve got the mountain coming to me.


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