Sole Satisfaction

I will admit to having a shoe fascination. I will not say fetish because that is too creepy. I love shoes of all types and in my pre-MS days, I had a good assortment. It didn’t hurt that my daughter was the manager of a shoe store and got steep discounts. While she lived at home, and because we wore the same size, I frequently raided her closet. There’s a switch, huh?

MS put a curb on my enthusiasm when I realized lacing was becoming a problem, heel height became flats only, and sensible shoes became the rule of thumb. Spending more time sitting has now caused swelling in my feet and ankles so my heretofore normally narrow feet have expanded to wide width.

My shoe collection has shrunk down to one pair of sneakers, one pair of dressier shoes (now too narrow but I’m using them until I can find a replacement in my new size), and an assortment of slip-resistant slippers. How the mighty have fallen. The good news is my shoe budget has shrunk, and I have plenty of room on the floor of my closet.

The bad news is that I bought my sneakers in the men’s shoe section. Turns out, men’s feet are naturally wider. Having never visited this area before, I was amazed I found a pair that fit and were not too masculine. In fact, they had plenty of colorful styles to choose from.

Dealing with MS, I’ve found, requires thinking outside the box. We need to be creative in making things work for us.

Of course, for me, it doesn’t completely eliminate the longing for strappy, high-heeled sandals, but I doubt guys would have anything like that in their department!


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