Many Hands Can Do…What?

The holiday season is upon us. I’ve got my lists started, and there are scraps of paper everywhere. I cannot trust my steel-trap mind anymore. I used to be able to juggle many things and keep all the balls in the air. Now, the elephant in the room is MS, and things have gotten more complicated.

Dealing with that elephant plus the normal stress and chaos of the season means I have to be judicious with my body’s limited resources. I’ve got to be super organized when I  plan things, especially the holiday dinner menu, keeping in mind that my husband is taking on most of the kitchen responsibilities. Nothing too complicated or last minute will be included. I will rely, though, on his specialties like rum cake to carry us through. A few slices of that made with 120 proof rum and bumped up from its last-position as dessert and cheerfully served as an appetizer, will mean no one will care if the menu is not Martha Stewart-worthy.

However, almost all MS literature warns us about using alcohol. But, can they really mean consumption via cake? How about those Mon Cheri liquor-filled chocolate-covered cherries? It’s fruit, isn’t it? Or those after-dinner liqueurs that are supposed to aid in digestion? Have you noticed I can justify anything?

The key here is to recognize and deal with our limited strength. If alcohol can somehow make our symptoms worse, then it’s eggnog only for us. If we can prepare most of the food the day before, it shouldn’t be viewed as re-heated leftovers. We’re simply giving the dishes an extra 24 hours to enhance their flavors.

Most importantly of all, if folks politely ask if they can help, say yes immediately, and before they can regret offering, shove a task at them. Don’t be a martyr. You know the “many hands make light work” motto. Be like the Amish. Instead of building a barn, why don’t we build some new holiday memories?



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