Cruise Control

I am extremely fortunate to be able to acquire a used handicap van this past weekend. It’s making my life much easier not only for me but for anyone who has to assist me getting in and out of a vehicle.

For instance, prior to the convenience of having this van, my husband would use a thick rug to kneel on by the open passenger front door while he was trying to bend my legs enough to help me to get in the car. Murphy’s Law was always present at those times. My legs always decided that it was now a good time to stiffen up. The more upset I became when this happened, the more difficult it would be. Stress definitely does play a role in worsening MS symptoms. There was stress for Bill, too. He always thought that one day he would accidentally break one of my legs.

I think a goal for most handicap folks is to show the able public how cool you are even though you are not functioning at 100%. Struggling to get in my car was very uncool and embarrassed the heck out of me. Just when I didn’t want an audience, throngs of people (it seemed to me) would be standing around the car taking in the whole scene and offering to help.

Now, I can easily zip right on up the ramp either in my wheelchair or scooter. However, my old nemesis of folks illegally parking in the oversized striped handicap space (which I really need now) if of paramount importance. We use a safety cone so folks will know the space is actually needed by a handicap person. It hasn’t been stolen yet, but I’ve only employed it once so far. The busy holiday season is upon us and spaces will be at a premium and temptation to park there will be great.

It’s funny (or not) how quickly we can adapt to life’s changing scenarios. This new change for me is going to open all sorts of possibilities now that I won’t be worrying so much about someone else’s inconvenience. I can really enjoy going for rides again and singing along with the no-ads Sirius radio stations. Well, maybe one of us will enjoy my singing.



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