Ready! Set! Action! Not.

I’ve never had much interest in action sports. Baseball is my speed. Some folks have likened it to watching paint dry. Not so…but close. Even when I could, I never dabbled in the aerobic “craze of the year.” I was happy just being an onlooker.

Now, I’m thinking all my wasted sedentary years have come along to bite me in the butt. How I yearn now, to take that Sunday hike in the woods. Heck, I’d even settle for one more frivolous day shopping for things I can’t afford.

But here’s the thing. That chapter in my life may have closed, but I can still get vicarious pleasure from hearing about other folks doing strenuous and interesting things. For instance, a friend’s daughter is active in all the Disney marathons. One of my daughters lives near Mt. Washington in New Hampshire and takes advantage of its numerous hiking trails. Another daughter frequently takes her son and two dogs to local trails in her rural Connecticut area. At least, I think she still does. Her dogs once had an intimate encounter with lots of ticks on one jaunt.

I personally can still get in the car for a Sunday afternoon ride and be rewarded with an ice cream cone (or another treat) at the end of it.We’ve discovered many scenic parts of our state this way. I usually just enjoy the views; I rarely get out of the car. Which is just as well, I suppose.

A news article this week chastised my state (Connecticut) with not totally enforcing the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. I love the excuses given by some non-compliant towns and businesses: These things take time to implement, they say. So, how much more time do you think they still need? After all, it’s only been 24 years!!! What’s the rush?


I’m liking that saying, “If I was Dictator…”





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