My Zest for Meditation

I just finished yet another article on the benefits of meditation. The primary story was about the pros and cons of salt. A sub heading was about blood pressure and salt, and it indicated the beneficial use of meditation to lower it. From my perspective, though, meditating seems to be recommended for just about everything that ails you; from toe fungus to a bad marriage!

Since being diagnosed with MS, I’ve constantly read about the benefits meditation can bring to sufferers. Occasionally, over the years I’ve had MS, I’ve attempted to do this wonder thing that doctors and article-writers have extolled. I’m here to admit to you all that I absolutely stink at it.

I don’t know whether it is my control-freak personality, my impatient nature and my “I want results now” attitude, but I can’t stick the meditation process for more than a minute or two. I start the process with a zest for reaping meditation’s benefits with a thought of calming my body so much that soon I will cure myself of this disease just by willing it gone.

Actually, what happens is after a minute has gone by, in closed-eye anticipation, my nose starts to itch, I squirm in my chair (no lotus position for me, are you kidding??), I repeat my mantra which I then start to stress about because I don’t think it to be the right mantra, my stomach starts to growl from perceived hunger, I think I need to refill the cat’s food bowl, and then think about a hundred other things I should be doing. I open my eyes, my thoughts as jumbled as ever, and I’ve still got the disease. My zest has turned to dust.

So. The way I see it, for about 30 seconds, my mind was still. Better a little than nothing, I suppose. I think the whole meditating thing today may be overly hyped. After all, can’t you just picture prairie folks in the 19th century stopping their chores and their quaint quest for survival to roll out their yoga mats and take a few minutes to connect with nature? No, I didn’t think you could.


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