Rethinking Wishful Thinking

The cooler mornings the last few days are welcomed by most but the unhappy fact of them preceding winter is not welcomed by me. You would think the opposite would be true; no dealing with heat-related issues, etc.

I resorted last winter to posting poems on my Facebook page bemoaning the long, long days of winter. Usually these epic stanzas included references to Jack Daniels and his Tennessee Honey liquor. Too soon these days will be upon us again, and I think no one wants a reprise of my fractured attempts at poetry. So, what to do?

Well, it’s not going to involve those crazy Candy Crush Saga or Pet Rescue games on FB. I’ve been hooked on them the last two weeks and my arm is starting to hurt because of maneuvering the mouse for too long. I started with them only because of extreme boredom.

One thing I’ve noticed not being addressed in MS online resources is what one can do to fill up the days if you happen to be homebound because of it. There’s plenty to say about diet and exercise, handling effects of exacerbations, new drug therapy, etc. I think that’s one of the reasons I dread winter so much: reduced activity outside my window that provided some diversion, i.e. joggers, dog walkers, lawn-care and landscape technicians. Absent that and you’ve got me staring at a window that now has me noticing it needs cleaning from the outside.

After blogging twice a week, I mostly read. I devour books like most people eat popcorn. That, and wait for the daily delivery of the crossword puzzle in our local newspaper. (Side note: They get progressively harder throughout the week. Usually by Friday I skip that section until next Monday’s paper.) No television watching. I’m not into morning talk shows, lunchtime game shows or afternoon old 70’s shows which weren’t that good when new.

I seem to just be coasting along and existing. Hearing myself think this, I knew I had to resurrect my lost fun for discovering stuff. The internet does provide some free or low-cost distance learning courses. When I first retired, I took several of these courses one of which was  web design. You are reading the result of that one.

So, after finishing this post, I’m going to research and again find stuff on the www to enrich my life. It’s funny but when I was working, I wished for more time to do things. Now that I’ve got the time I’ve also got the physical limitations.

A conundrum for sure. But one, if I will only push forward again,  will be a short-lived one. I can fix this.



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  1. olivia
    Sep 10, 2014 @ 10:45:50

    I feel saddened by reading this. Invite me and I will come over this winter for conversation and scrabble.


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