My Paradigm Shift

And so it happened again. Someone parked in the space allotted for handicap use, making it difficult for me to re-enter my car after grocery shopping.

First off: I’ll take some responsibility for this. We were food shopping on Labor Day Sunday. I knew parking spots were going to be at a premium and some unthinking shopper was going to park there. Let me re-phrase that: A “thinking, I don’t care about anyone but myself”” miserable excuse for a human was going to park there. This has happened to me on more than one occasion. Awhile back, I finally wrote a letter to our local paper politely remonstrating those people who do this. Naively, I thought bringing attention to the problem would correct it. Hah.

My husband was so enraged, he stalked off looking for a policeman to complain to. Of course, there are none around when you really want one. (Have you ever noticed how they seem to drop suddenly from trees when you are doing the least little thing like traveling thirty in a twenty-five MPH zone? But I digress.) Meanwhile, after I wedged myself back in the car, I was so afraid Bill would 1) find a cop or 2) find the car’s owner. Having done neither, he reluctantly drove us home. Slowly. Going two MPH out of the space and out of the center’s parking lot, all the while craning his neck around like that girl in The Exorcist hoping to locate someone he could throttle.

After a quiet ride home, I came to my senses. Why was I worried about having a confrontation with a law-breaker? What kind of “wimp” drug was I on?? Figuratively straightening out my noodle-like spine, I then and there vowed to become more proactive in demanding my rights as a U.S. Handicapped Citizen!

I am going to radically alter my behavior. No more polite Ms. Nice Gal. From now on, we’re going to carry with us in the car a nice, bright orange traffic cone with a “No Parking” sign stapled to it. This will be placed smack in the middle of the  diagonally-painted handicap access zone (and hope no one steals it while we’re in the store!). Interestingly, there is no metal signpost from the authorities indicating folks aren’t to park there. They assume people know the law. Yay, right. They know it, but assume it doesn’t pertain to them.

Next, I’m going to get a really good camera phone. I’m told you can take a picture of the offending car in the illegal area and send it in to the police. The violator will get busted after the fact. I can’t think of anything else right now to do except maybe lobby for official sign posts. I thought of lurking in trees to drop down on the perps but that may be carrying my vendetta a little too far.

But, maybe not.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. John
    Sep 02, 2014 @ 09:46:59

    I don’t know it this would help, but it will make you feel better

    Reach out to the local officials. They may be able to offer suggestions. At a minimum get their email addresses and send them the pictures.


  2. Miss Jan's Words
    Sep 02, 2014 @ 11:02:20

    This is good. Thanks. The violators have their handicap placard in place so I can get their number easily. I haven’t as yet seen a car parked in the space without one. When I do, I’ll use the camera then!


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