Who knew?…Bamboo!

One of our luxury purchases when we were on vacation a few weeks back was a set of bamboo sheets. I know, it sounds crazy to me too, but these sheets are the softest things my skin has felt in a long time. Imagine my surprise when I read an article in Everyday Health extolling their virtues for folks with MS.

In fact, there is a line of bamboo apparel perfect for fitness trainers too, i.e. workout tops, yoga pants, socks. The article’s author, David Lyons, discovered three benefits for bamboo: 1) it draws away moisture from the skin, a natural moisture wicker; 2) it’s an insulator, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer; 3) it’s UV resistant, meaning bamboo could provide you protection from the sun’s damaging rays.

As a side note, I did have an after effect from the cruise that I didn’t expect. While vacationing, my feet and legs swelled up. My thoughts were that it was probably caused by ingesting a possibly higher-salt food diet, unused-to Caribbean heat, or reduced mobility (I was either in the chair or scooter when out and about), or a combination of all three. When I returned, I asked my doctor about it and she said it was “edema,” extra fluid in my legs. She prescribed a cream to soothe the itching.

In the meantime, we put the bamboo sheets on the bed. So soft. Next thing I knew, I had developed a rash on my arms, back, torso, as well as my legs. Absolutely blaming this newest crisis on the sheets, we yanked them off. However, the itching got worse. I went to a dermatologist who promptly saw that my original leg edema had overwhelmed my system thus developing the rash. Foolishly I had not immediately started wearing support socks when I originally developed the swelling. When I finally did, the swelling went down, my legs are back to normal, and the rash has pretty much disappeared.

The bamboo sheets had been relegated to the guest bedroom bed where my daughter, who sleeps over once a week for business reasons, marveled the next day about how wonderful they were. Sheepishly, I’m now in the process of switching out the sheets with the bamboo ones coming back on our bed. I found myself apologizing to the inanimate things about the wicked names I called them. My skin and I are happy again. My daughter? Not so much. She’ll be back to sleeping on run-of-the-mill, non-wicking, non-insulating, not-as-soft sheets. Oh well, the zero room price-per-night is the trade-off on that deal!



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