Messin’ in the Kitchen

Some folks will do anything to get out of kitchen duty: i.e. planning meals, cooking, cleaning up. But when you are sidelined because of MS, the whole process becomes a dearly remembered, fun time.

Husband has taken over the bulk of the kitchen duty, but I am still partially in control. The weekly menu planning and shopping list are still my province. However, my selected meals have been down-graded to simpler fare. Anything that takes more than, say, six ingredients is for now sidelined.

A typical meal production at our house consists of me sitting nearby to direct the operation and Bill following orders. As his skill increases, my input is becoming more and more superfluous. He’s gotten the hang of Rule #1: timing is crucial to most meals. Things that take longer to cook are started first, etc. What Bill has re-learned, however, did not come out of a cookbook: he actually remembered that he likes to cook!

During the many years of our lives together, yours truly assumed the role of “person who controls the kitchen.” Bill was the main bread-winner and was happy enough to have his dinner put down in front of him every day. Since MS has made standing too long at the counter mostly impossible, I’ve had to relinquish my dominance over the spatula.  Bill, working part-time now, has wielded not only the spatula but small electrical appliances as well. And all with a growing confidence! Also, the smoker I bought him for his birthday has yielded delicacies like smoked kielbasa, ribs, chicken, brisket and salmon.

Yes, MS has robbed me of being queen of our kitchen, but we’ve adapted to the new normal. Bill has stepped up and been amazed at his uncovered talent for messin’ with food. The sides of my wheelchair are growing ominously close to my hips because of all these new gastromic treats. Along with praying for a cure for MS, I’m also sending appeals heaven-ward that I won’t lose him to Rachael Ray! Or worse, Bobby Flay!!


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