“The Summer of Love” Revisited

So. Just when I thought I had a handle on the whole MS-Life Adjustment thing, I found out there was another “sink hole” that I need to acknowledge, understand, and climb out of.

I was in my doctor’s office getting a routine physical. (I heed the advice of my neurologist to not neglect the other parts of my body.) All she wanted was for me to “hop” on the exam chair for ease in her exam of me. I tried to argue that I was fine in my own chair, thank you very much, but she insisted. She and her nurse would assist me, she said, easy peasy. They wouldn’t let me fall. The next few minutes saw yours truly freaking out. Of course, they didn’t let me fall, but the damage was done.

There was no use in telling her I was otherwise doing fine; my red nose and smudged mascara from crying told a different story. My fear of falling and resultant meltdown showed her I was a fragile mess. Even I was not aware of how anxious I had become.

My daughter sent me a internet health link today regarding MS and occupational therapy. But the article that also caught my eye dealt with successfully handling the emotional effects of MS. What a timely find! It talked about anxiety, depression, guilt and stress and ways to manage them. Friends, family, outreach groups, community service, exercise, and sometimes medication can all help.

I’m leery of the medication route, however. Even though MS does effect the emotional cortex of the brain, I’m fearful of becoming a caricature of the “I’m OK, you’re OK” mindset. I still remember the hippies of years past, high on drugs, sticking flowers into gun barrels.

I may be overreacting a bit (ya think?) so I’ll wait for my doctor to do some research on the medications available to ease my rollercoaster emotions. If my next post greets you with “Peace, Love, Right on, man, Power to the People, Make love, not war” etc., etc., you’ll know what happened.


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  1. olivia
    Aug 15, 2014 @ 12:25:04

    you may have lost some of your mobility,but you have not lost your creativity for writing and putting down on paper how you feel. YOU SHOULD WRITE A BOOK.


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