The Weeble-Wobble Effect

Is there actual documentation someplace that verifies people are usually depressed after coming back from vacation? If there isn’t, there should be. I’m in a funk today. I’m not willing to expend the effort to get in the car and just go someplace like my husband suggests. Any place.  Even simply going to the post office or recycling station errands. No, says I. Too much effort.

So why is that? The joy of vacationing shouldn’t be followed by the zombie-like state I’m in now. You can try, but there is only so much you can blame on MS.  My first explanation for my poor mood is always to put it in on  MS’s doorstep. Although it can be blamed physiologically, I think it more probable that it’s a by-product. You know, the way a hangover is the by-product of too much drinking when alcoholism is the root cause.

Anyway, I don’t want to expend any energy today. I’m tired of always mentally bucking myself up. I think I’d like to wallow in my depressive thoughts of my physically-changed life status for a bit. Let it just wash over me, this memory of vacationing that drained me to the point of being exhausted. The wallowing is a good thing, I think. Let it then flow away from me so I can get back to being my normal, upbeat self. My struggling during my vacation may have brought me low today because I am remembering all the things I had to overcome on the trip, things I did effortlessly before and took for granted. But once I acknowledge these downer thoughts, I am free to let them float away.

After all, it’s the “weeble wobble” effect that keeps us all going. You can knock us down once in a while but, like those toys, we always right ourselves again. In fact, I think I’m starting to look like one of those little guys! Egads! You know, I’m starting to feel better already!


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  1. eccentricsheepie
    Aug 04, 2014 @ 12:32:54

    I always get depressed after a really good event like a trip. Even if I give myself a pep talk before it still happens.


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