What’s in an Acronym?

When I first created this blog, of course I wanted a catchy name for it. Because MS has fully consumed my life, I thought everyone who saw the title would know exactly what it was all about. This was very narrow-minded of me because I’ve since found out “MS” can represent many different things.

For fun, and because I have way too much time on my hands, I looked up the term “MS” and see what the search uncovered. Imagine my surprise when I saw that there were 269 possible acronyms, abbreviations, shorthand or slang for the term. For our discussion here, I’ll relate a few that could be used in my future posts:

Many Symptoms, Most Significant, Management Science, Master Slave, Moral Support, Minor Setback, Mighty Spirit,  Morning Stiffness, and one from a fellow MS blogger – Many Surprises. 

If I’m in a particularly feisty mood against the medical establishment, I may write about the Mad Scientist, the Mess Specialist, or the Millions Shafted. No, that’s too harsh. I’ve got hope that someday I’ll write Mystery Solved. Then I’ll bless the medical community and Big Pharma.

So, in conclusion, I hope when folks see my site,  thinking that it could be about MicroSoft or Martha Stewart, they won’t be disappointed because I know very little about computers and even less about crafty home touches. I’m very definitely Missing those Skills.


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