One of the many downsides to having a chronic illness is how it affects relationships. I’ve been very fortunate in that family and friends have stuck by me and have continually offered support in my daily struggle. But this is not true for many.

Just the fact of our limited access to some places prevents our joining in on some physical fun especially if you are young. If you’re middle-aged like me this isn’t such a huge problem. But if you are much younger and MS has risen its ugly head, it can lead to being left behind.

I read an inspiring letter in an MS magazine wherein this young fellow living in New York City related his experience of the loss of some friends because of his disability. This broke my heart on the face of it. Living in NYC with its countless opportunities for fun must be an awful place to live if you can’t take advantage of them. My grief for the boy was short lived as I read further that he was very philosophical about it.  In his case, what didn’t break him made him stronger.

This young man was testifying that no matter what bad thing happens to you, friends that do stick around are the friendships worth cultivating. Our lives may have taken a detour no one expected, but that doesn’t mean the principles of being a good friend disappear.

So I say, look around you. Cherish the friends who love you for being you. Forgive the fair-weather friends and hope their days of strong bodies are always with them. But if they, too, ever should find themselves in a less than good place, they’ll realize the friend they had in you. It’s a terrible lesson to learn the hard way, but hey, isn’t life just one big classroom anyway?


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  1. John
    Jun 26, 2014 @ 09:34:25

    Spot on!!


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