High-Tech Gizmos

I guess if you have to be physically impaired, this is the computer age for it. I have made use of several assistive devices in my managing of MS symptoms. But with the exception of my low-tech, all-purpose hot dog turner (great for picking up stuff – not hot dogs – from the floor), none (so far) will compare to my high-tech voice-activated speech recognition device.

I ordered this thing last week, and it should be delivered in a day or so. It’s going to work with my word processing software, and along with the headsets, it should make my writing super easy because whatever I say will appear on my computer screen – no typing involved. This will be so cool because now when I compose this blog, or any other thing I type, my thoughts come so quickly, I cannot type using my one finger fast enough to keep up.

This is an area of frustration because back in the day I could easily type approximately 60 words/minute. Now that my left hand is uncooperative at the keyboard, my pointer finger on my right hand gets a workout. But “it” cannot keep up with the random babble in my head.

The only downside I foresee is if I talk into the microphone before thinking my thoughts through logically. I’ll have on the screen before me evidence of a possible link to mental instability. I wonder how the delete function will operate? Update to follow…




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  1. John
    May 20, 2014 @ 14:30:28

    I have found them way too accurate. Be careful with what you tell it.


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