That Slippery Slope

I’m still battling my spring cold from last week. It’s at the annoying stage where I get into coughing jags that won’t quit. I’ve been muddling through, it just takes time no matter what OTC remedies you take. One week, plus or minus a few days, from start to finish is usually the rule. I figure recovery is just around the corner.

However, last week, with the holidays looming, I was in no mood to deal with the coughing AND leg spasms that showed up unwelcomed by me. I’m not sure if one had anything to do with the other, but both combined made me a very unhappy camper. I know spasms, or muscle spasticity, can occur because of the imbalance of the electrical signals from the brain and spinal cord resulting from MS damage. The muscles get tight resulting in a painful situation. My neurologist prescribed Baclofen which I take at night but not during the day. The medicine does a good job of relaxing the stiffness, but I need my legs to be somewhat stiff while awake in order to rely on them for standing up, transferring, etc. It is a crazy Catch-22.

So, after experiencing hours of spasms the day before, when I woke up last Friday morning, with all the signs that another spasm was on its way, I resorted to taking a shot-glass of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey whiskey. I reasoned that if my nerves were indirectly causing this, I would calm them internally. My husband was horrified at this plan because I am not a drinker, but I was desperate.

Well, the long and short of this move was that a little bit after swallowing the liquor, I had to go back to bed. When I woke up, the spasms and coughing had subsided. I realized that the whiskey had nothing to do with the stopping of the spasm but only succeeded in knocking me out. Right then I knew the slippery slope I was on. So my saner plan, as proposed by my doctor, was to take one dose of the Baclofen during the day, deal with the side effects, and avoid the desperate actions pain can sometimes bring on.

I am a humbled and wiser person, but I have to admit: that JD stuff went down the ol’ gullet “like honey!”


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  1. AnonMS Blogger
    Apr 22, 2014 @ 10:51:54

    My family, for generations, has sworn by “hot toddies” and a little bourbon in a hot drink to cure all kinds of woes, especially during cold and flu season. The invention of Honey Whiskey only served to make the mixing with tea or coffee a little easier. But, as you note, it generally only succeeds in knocking you out for the night.


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