My Seasonal Travel Disorder

I guess spring is coming, but our early-morning forecast for a few more inches of snow is unwelcome. My thoughts had turned towards possible vacation plans and the fact that we were still experiencing winter weather interrupted my thoughts. Then I recalled how iffy March weather can be. But we can still hope warmer weather is on the way.

The idea of a vacation is that we’re supposed to take a break from home, school or business for the purpose of recreation. It’s about leaving your cares behind and having fun. For those of us with MS, getting away from every day cares is mostly impossible. We can’t help but bring them with us. This is true for MS and other chronic illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, eating disorders, asthma, etc. So, if we can’t get away from our bodies, what do we do?

We get away, anyway. We make peace with ourselves, talking down that irritating small voice that says we can’t do it. Yes, it may take more planning, but the alternative to venturing forward is spinning your wheels – literally, if you’re in a wheelchair.

In preparing to be a more courageous person and fighting my seasonal travel disorder logic, I bought a book entitled Barrier-Free Travel by Candy B. Harrington.  In it, all the mysteries of traveling as a wheelie or slow walker are revealed and dealt with. It even tells you when she doesn’t have all the answers but then gives you the right questions to ask. Her website is  I’m an avid book reader. Maybe too much so. I never seem to get from reading about traveling to actually doing it. This book makes it almost seem doable for anxious people like me.

I mentioned in a previous post about going to a Yankee’s baseball game. The book has information relevant to train travel for folks with disabilities. Of course, as we only live about 100 miles from the stadium, we could go by car, but where’s the adventure in that? With reference books like this one, there shouldn’t be any reason not to resume traveling. Also, with the spring weather hopefully around the corner, getting out and about is just what the doctor ordered (if he moonlights as a travel agent).

A happy update: Now the weather forecast for southern New England indicates light snow showers tonight. I can deal with that and so can my mental trip-planning.


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