Write About It

One way I have with dealing with the emotional complexities of MS is to write about it. This was a main reason for starting this blog. However, it is not the only way of addressing the issue. I also keep  a private journal. Actually, I have two journals: one, via computer, I update as needed to keep track of symptoms, treatments I’m on and their effects, alternative things I’ve tried; and  another journal where I voice, on paper, my concerns, fears, and hopes.

The journal I keep on my word processing program is handy to refer to especially if I have a pseudo exacerbation in an area where I have had trouble before. This “pseudo” was explained to me by my doctor as having a flare-up in the same location as a previous one – but no new lesion is formed. I refer back to the journal frequently and can be printed out if necessary.

The written journal is my release valve. By using pen and paper I can write stream of consciousness. I was told, years ago, that by physically doing this, my brain starts the process of thinking. Students taking tests are calmed just by writing their names at the top of the test page (or at least this was so before the advent of computers for students to use in class). So, by writing freehand in this way, my thoughts are expressed on the paper.  I wish I could say this exercise releases lots of inner, upbeat thoughts.  It doesn’t. But the fact of committing un-upbeat thoughts to paper means they are released from your brain and won’t fester there.

Try this journaling in whatever form works for you. A few sentences each day would be enough, just your private thoughts: good, bad or ugly.  No need to write the next great American novel…only if you want to, of course. It’s crazy, but it works. It frees me to be more creative with my brain. Like writing blogs. Besides this MS one, I write another just for fun where illness or MS is never mentioned. If you want a few laughs, check it out. http://missjanblogdotcom.wordpress.com/


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