Yikes! It’s Cold Out There!

It’s freezing here in the Northeast! Literally! I woke up this morning to -7 degrees. I am thoroughly tired of the Arctic vortex.

 When I was first diagnosed with MS, I read all I could about the disease. Most every article warned about how heat will negatively affect symptoms. They nixed everything from hot peppers and other spicy foods, to avoiding hot tubs and other heat producing things. Obviously, being in air conditioning would be best during the hot, muggy months of summer.

 But only lately have I realized bitter cold temps affect me just as badly as the heat does. I’ve had MS for fourteen years now, and this is the first winter I can actually say my body has told me of its misery. I cannot get warm no matter how I layer my clothing or pile the blankets on.

 I had to postpone my physical therapist coming in until I can recover my ability to use the walker. The last time she was here (Tuesday), I managed only about 40 steps. On another visit when the temp outside had been a balmy 51 degrees, I managed 140! That was two weeks ago and it was during the so-called January thaw.

 So, I figure with the new development of cold worsening my symptoms during the winter, and heat doing the same during summer, I have about twelve days of good weather the rest of the year.

 Sheesh! It may be time to move to a more temperate climate where the weather is consistently nice. I’ll move – as soon as I can figure out where that is!


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