Deep Freezing My Pride

Well, I’ve hit a new low. As if dealing with the many obstacles faced by persons with MS isn’t bad enough, this new turn of events has got to be the most humiliating. I bit myself while preparing to go to bed last night!! You ask me why my choppers were used like that? I’ll tell you the whole miserable story.

One’s normal routine for getting prepared for bed is simple enough: take your day clothes off and put your night clothes on. Aha. Not so easy for people with MS. First you struggle to take your shoes off. Somehow, late in the day, your body doesn’t bend low enough to do this and your feet must have swollen because the shoes resist removing. Then the socks: same problem but now those suckers refuse to slide past your heel. Finally, you manage it after cursing roundly with the effort. Pants off, pajama bottoms on. You’re on a roll now. Bedtime is calling your name.

Unfortunately where I live, the weather has turned nasty: wind chills are making the temps plummet to south of the zero mark. To prepare for this, one must layer one’s clothes. My brilliant idea of putting on two sweatshirts in the morning, meant that these two things must come off in the evening. When I attempted to pull both shirts off, they got stuck on my head. Tugging them back down, I realized the folly of trying to remove them this way.

My new plan was to take my arms out of them first, then pull off the tops. I couldn’t manage this as easily as I’d hoped because I still wanted to take them both off together thus believing I was halving the effort. So, I decided to grip both cuffs with my teeth and yank my first arm out.You’ve guessed it. I succeeded in missing the cuffs and biting myself soundly on the wrist. Yeow! I’ve still got the red outline of my teeth this morning to remind me of being such a chump last night.

There is no defense for causing this nipping of myself, except that it must be the cold resulting in brain freeze. But I think I’ll blame it on the MS. I’ll get more sympathy that way.


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