I’m Back

Oh my goodness. I just started this blog and already I had to take time off from it!

After many months – actually I can’t remember the last time – I had a flare-up. My right leg, from toes to bust, went numb on me. I have been experiencing slowly worsening symptoms over two years, and I thought I was in the secondary phase of MS. This new spell shows me I’m still in the relapsing/remitting phase. Normally, my left side is weak, with foot-drop being the major hurdle to walking. Now, with the right side gone as well, I literally don’t have a leg to stand on.

To say this has thrown me for a loop would be an understatement. My husband, who works part time, has been home trying to help me with bathroom visits, showers, dressing, cooking, etc. Finally, my doctor ordered the Visiting Nurses/home health aides/physical therapists to come in. He also prescribed a high-dose steroid for three days to try and shorten the spell (1000 mg of Prednisone equaling 3000 mg).

I am not a happy camper.

But, here I am, typing this with one finger, and wondering…what new adventure is waiting for me next??


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