Positive Things

Actually, MS has its upsides. One thing is it’s forced me to move slower. Moving slower keeps me aware of being in the moment. I no longer rush through my day with my mind half aware of what I am doing. Almost every action, it seems, now takes thought and planning. If I’m going to make that bed, I do so now when I have the strength to maneuver the bedroom’s small area with my walker. Making supper has me prepping things far in advance to make it simpler to assemble them later at a time when my energy level is low.

 Being stricken with MS at a later age makes me thankful for having those years raising my children unimpeded with this debilitating disease. Also, I was able to do all those at-home chores plus work part-time outside the home. Looking back now, my hands were full. Even going to the library weekly and bringing home multiple books for me and the kids was a chore that was hardly even a blip on my fatigue radar. Now, the advent of the e-reader makes it easy to hold a book and select from thousands of titles from the comfort of my chair.

 I haven’t as yet figured out how to resume my sewing hobby. I can’t maneuver inserting the bobbin in my sewing machine with my un-cooperating hands. I do have an antique machine inherited from my mother with a drop-in bobbin holder. I’m going to try my luck with that machine. If unsuccessful, I’ll sell both of them and donate the fabric etc. to a senior center thereby cleaning out a room in my house to use for another purpose; another good by-product of the illness. I will organize my life and only keep useful objects around me!

 Probably a totally unexpected by-product of having MS is that it’s proven to be a vehicle for goodhearted people to use their generous impulses. When I go out in public now, people have gone out of their way to assist me when I’ve needed it.  Just like I did for others when I was healthy, folks are now doing kindnesses for me. I guess what goes around really does come around! You do reap what you sow! MS and karma. Who knew?


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